WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin: Review

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin: The Good

If you are looking for sophisticated options for setting discounts in your WooCommerce store, look no further than the WooCommerce Pricing Plugin. You can…

  • Create discounts that combine user role and product categories
  • Offer ‘member’ discounts based on roles you assign to your customers
  • Discounts by percentage or dollar/unit amount.
  • Give a discount only if a customer buys a certain quantity of items

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin Demo

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin: The Bad

While WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin offers highly flexible pricing options that your customers will love, they won’t love it as much as you want them to since they won’t see all the dynamic discounts until they’ve reached the cart page.

To be specific, the dynamic pricing awesomeness isn’t reflected on the product page, seriously limiting this plugin’s power to give your customers incentives to buy.

Still want it?

Of course you do. A surprise discount at checkout still earns you props with your customers. You can get the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin on this site.

That leaves you plenty of money left-over to invest in additional marketing plugins to help you make sure your customers know about awesome discounts defined with the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin. For instance, use WooCommerce Cart Notices to highlight discounts more obviously on the cart page or explain your Member discounts using the free WooSidebars which will let you customize your widget areas anyway you want.

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