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Yes, an exact clone! This is the EXACT same plugin (Version 3.1.26) distributed by WooCommerce.com.
Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Plugin: One of the most popular plugins for WooCommerce! Define four types of price adjustments and bulk discounts. Highly flexible. Lets you offer pricing incentives for customers to buy more.

Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Plugin,  Version 3.1.26, Released on May 5, 2021.

Product Description

Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Plugin: Why You Need It 

Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Plugin lets you offer advanced discounts and incentives to your customers.

This highly flexible plugin lets you base discounts on dollar amount, percentages or even quantities of products purchased.

Configure discounts in Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Plugin based on customer roles you have defined, creating membership-based discounts!

Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Plugin: FAQ

Can I apply a discount to all products in a certain category?
Yes you can!

How about all shoppers with a specific role?
Again, you can. Combine product category and role for powerful discount offers.

Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Plugin: Demo Screenshots 

Define price adjustments based on user role:

Define price adjustments based on order amount:

Regular price:  $129 (single site license)

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Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Plugin, Version 3.1.26


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Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Plugin