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Advanced Notifications WooCommerce Plugin: Automatic new order email notifications for your team or affiliated partners. Create notifications for low stock, backorders, etc.

Advanced Notifications WooCommerce Plugin Version 1.2.32, Released on July 27, 2021

Product Description

Advanced Notifications WooCommerce Plugin: Why You Need It 

Advanced Notifications WooCommerce Plugin can be used to create order notifications for users who aren’t admin. Use advanced notifications for people in your marketing or sales team, vendor partners and more. Advanced notifications supports multiple email addresses.

Base notifications on the following:

  • New orders
  • Low stock
  • No stock
  • Backorders

Advanced Notifications WooCommerce Plugin: Plugin Compatibility

Advanced Notifications WooCommerce Plugin is often used with the Product Vendors WooCommerce Extension. Since vendors with that plugin don’t have access to the full wordpress admin, Advanced Notifications WooCommerce Plugin can be used to alert those vendors about actions that need taken.

For instance, create a notification email letting vendors know they have a product order. Or, create an ‘low stock’ notification for vendors.

Regular price:  $29 (single site license)

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Advanced Notifications WooCommerce Plugin, Version 1.2.32


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Advanced Notifications WooCommerce Plugin