TwitterFeed is all that

I’ve just found a slick service called TwitterFeed that lets you syndicate all of your WordPress posts (via the feed) to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This way no matter what your preferences are for receiving information about updates you will see them. Check out TwitterFeed. So if you’d like to get news via Twitter, Facebook … Continue reading

WooThemes Memorable Theme

WooThemes have just released the Memorable Theme just in time for their 5th Birthday. Happy Birthday Woo! At first glance, WooThemes Memorable Theme is looking good, it’s got a neat persistent slider that changes based on what WooCommerce products you’ve viewed recently. It’s responsive and has a beautifully arranged color scheme, as well as well … Continue reading

WordPress – Remove the X-Pingback Headers

Extra headers always annoy me :). In WordPress, to remove the X-Pingback Headers, you can add the following to your functions.php, and you’re set: function remove_x_pingback($headers) { unset($headers[‘X-Pingback’]); return $headers; } add_filter(‘wp_headers’, ‘remove_x_pingback’);

How to list filenames for WooCommerce downloadable products

Digital downloads work great in WooCommerce, but when you have a ton of downloads, they come out as File 1, File 2, etc., which can be confusing. Here’s what I do to display the specific filename for each download, which makes things easier to keep track of: add_filter( ‘woocommerce_available_download_link’, ‘wctoolbox_available_download_link’, 10, 2); function wctoolbox_available_download_link( $link, … Continue reading

How to change the submit button in gravity forms

Gravity Forms is far and away the top forms plugin. I use it here and in most of my client projects. It can be tricky and intimidating to the new WordPress user to understand how best to control the style of a Gravity Form. Fortunately, there’s a lot of good documentation around on how to … Continue reading

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